At Premium Product Consultants Practice Resources, we specialize in helping ophthalmic practices generate new business and achieve their revenue goals. Through in-depth training, consulting, and coaching programs, we work with doctors and their staff to:

  • Create a new patient experience that dramatically increases premium lens conversions
  • Provide an overall customer experience that will lead to enthusiastic patient referrals
  • Determine and implement an authentic marketing message to spread the word about the practice 
  • Maximize performance of each staff member in individual roles and as part of the team
  • Develop skills to communicate clearly and confidently with patients and each other
  • Develop programs that will encourage increased referrals from ophthalmic professionals
  • Review and refine the cataract patient process for optimum efficiency and effectiveness

With a variety of coaching and consulting programs to choose from, ophthalmic practices who would like to grow their businesses despite the slow economy can turn to us for assistance. We will identify problem areas within the practice and make changes for better results.

Please contact us today to set up a no-obligation phone conversation. We’ll discuss your needs, objectives and priorities to see whether we are the right company to help you achieve your goals.  If we decide to move forward, then we’ll discuss a customized program that will help you achieve your unique goals.